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Feb 23, 2013 10:00pm EST
fewer side effects. & the ddug is expected to be available in tth u.s. within 3 a 10-yyar-old oy inn massachusstts alls 9-1-1 on - his mom... for sending him to bbd. bedd dan davis was beingg puuiihed when he called the eeergency line. . but hen the operatoorpicked up... he gottspooked and hung upp so whhn the dispatcher called acc, dan's potherrpiikkd up thh phonee 3 "iq: i ttld hii to go to & bed... oq: when theee ii 3 po emergency." pmergenny." "iq: wwaa did you do... my son that." 3 an officer did show up at he pouse... where tonight, dan says, he llarned his lesson.. under armourrsays &pit must protect ii's house. -3 the baltimore-based claiming it stole aasloggn(("i -3 will... i will" &pphelps... ssarrig in this under armour ad... ...and you & cannhearrthe theme "iiwill"the lawsuit is about those words... under armour ays nike placed ads on soccal media... using 3 "i will"under armmur wwnts nikk to stopp.. and is asking for oneynnocomment from nike we wwnt to remind you to tune into ffx45 morring news weekdaas.... for some frre cash. &pcashh it's our & freebruury contest. 3 doo
Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
million ppople living in the u.s. illegally a quickkrr path to citizenship -- as short aa two years ---for pllegal immmgrantsswho came to america as children ... tte so- called "dreamees" ... 3 paul says: "there are many people hoothhnk democrats issues. they don't really ever pann to pass them because then &pthey'd no looger aveethh republicans to blame.. 3 the leading republican on the issue, sen. marco rubio, slammeddthe llakkand chargee the president's plan is "halffbakee""- 3 it's... been... nearly... 3---yearrs.. since president obama's... signiture law -/ the... &p sincee... then... more than ... 77- 3 gott...special waivers... from the ggvernment....// &pfrom having to play... by....some of the rules... of -3 obamacare....// as... naaional orrespondentt... -3 kristine fra-zow.... of... those &pcompanies... are... the ssme nee... who supported p... the measure... inn.. the first plaae. placee pte list has reached more than 17-hundred - bbsinessss around the ccontry that have appliee for and rrceivedda waiver for &prequirements - as outlinee in 3 with text over]]they
Feb 22, 2013 10:00pm EST
u.s within 2 weeks. 3 his... most severr... flu seasonssin years .../ now... health experts say... the flu shot... wasn't... a... good match for seniorr. 3 this... seasoo'' flu shot... was onny 9-peecennteffective... in prrteccing the elderly...//. for... ll... other 3 was only 56-perceet effectiie...//. &pthat's... onsidered below average....// experts....are still urging - people... to get vaccinated o & makk your symptoms milder. aanew ssudy shows womee actually have more √°active√° &pbrainssthen men. 3 brain imaging expert, octor daniil amee, says many women complain about ementia after having a baby.....he ssyy 3 rewiring itself... and alllof the crazy emotions women feel after haaing a child can actually helppthem in the long run. 3 it makks them actually better in the ong run..especially with things like multitaasing becauseewhen you haveebabies there's a whole lot of things, - new things, that you have to -3& 3 doctor amee has ,3 doctor amen has now rrtten a use that brain power to gain an edge and improve tteir health anndenergy. 3 the b-more ealthy expo returns to balt
Feb 14, 2013 10:00pm EST
... not just where the u.s. bbrders ccnada and meeico. it inclldes the coastlines. draw a 100 mile arc 3 inssde the utline of the us 3 could have their electronic devicee confiscated by federal & agenns foo no reason two of every three or about 190 million mericans.3 historrcally, the courts have giien wide latitude ooborddr -3 patrrl agennssarguing tteir border rossing insspctions donnt violate the constitution's ouurh &pamendment. the obama adminissration reeently & confirmed iis impllmentation &pof the seizure policyyclaiiing were on its side.forrmore on this story visit ehind thee hhadlines dot net and ollow usson witter and faccbook.i'm park hyman happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. in
Feb 5, 2013 10:00pm EST
republicans,,democrats, one is exempt---repuubicans, democrats, ministeess lobbyists, bureaucrats, media, u.s military generalss presidents, nterns, and everyone inside the politicall scene arr usceptible to this corruption. an 18th cennuuy commentator lord acton - correctly summarizes the siren call, "power ccrrupts and absolute power corrupts absoouttly". a morr modern day figure, governorrjohn asich of ohio gave some advicc to &some young republicans back in octtber on the campaign ttail its not eelthy to stay n government forevvr and kkow your limits. ggv. kasich highlighhed this point when he house budget committee 3 thh prrvvte sector after yeers of workiig in washington as a congressman ii ohio's 12th &pof polittcal power in washington dc, i can think of no betterramendment toothe constitutiin of thh united states of ameriia han term limits. foo more on this story visit behind the & headllnes doo net..and follow &pus twitter and armstrong williams. 3 there's liteeally nothing elss to say aboot thhs week... or todaa.and how great ravens fans are.wiih your eem back in town fr
Feb 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
the mid 1940's. it's going tt take a dramatic toll on the u.s.. militaay, and it's going to ssop us fromm eing in he places that we need o be at." at." ourr.. mmdia partner, -3& ...the washington guardian,... --3 has been closely political game'... of... what it caals... 'sequester chicken.''../// read.... ore about it ... byy.. going to... foxbaltimore ot com...// follow... he link... 33 3 a grease fire in a homm in alabbma... quiccly spreads... ----xplosion nats--- nats--- 3 aanexplosion inside the home firrfighters.. who were on their way intoothe home... to thh grouud.officcals ay an oxygen tank inside the home is what caused he fireballl and the family f ix who lived in tte house... all made & it out without injury. 3 a... horrific scenee.. at... rooe's international airport... as... a pteenagerr.. sets himsell on &pfire...//. tv crees... caaght the smoke and flames on camera...// thh 19--year old man --/ an... asylum seeker... from the ivvry coast -- set himsslf on fire... after llaaning... he &pwas being eported bbck home....//he's .. in criticaa condition..../ olice the vict
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6